Elephants Incredible Interaction With Rhino Bones | Archive Wildlife Footage

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A herd of elephants have an incredible interaction with the bones of a rhino that passed away of natural causes.
Elephants are known to mourn and interact with the remains of their own species but many people don't realise they show similar interest in the remains of other species too. Elephants have complex emotions and are one of the few animals apart from humans that are aware of their own mortality. Because of that awareness they mourn the loss of other elephants even those that were not closely related, and are known to travel great distances to visit the last resting place of elephants that have passed on. Elephants awareness of their own mortality makes them inquisitive about the remains of other animals too and scenes like this are more common than you would think.
This is an upgraded, remastered, re-edited re-release of a shorter video that was posted back in 2010 taken from the original archive wildlife footage shot back then.

Filmed in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa

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