Day Girl vs Night Girl ! 10 Barbie DIYs

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Rich Doll vs Broke Doll / 10 DIY Barbie Ideas:
Barbie Day and Barbie Night always have a lot of trouble. Do you wonder how they spend their time? Watch interesting ideas and life hacks for dolls in our new video.

Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• acrylic paint
• scissors
• brushes
• satin ribbon
• star-shaped sequins
• fabric
• stuffing
• thick thread
• cardboard
• LED light
• plastic base
• plastic box
• glittery acrylic paint
• Styrofoam frame
• printed image of the night sky
• jump rings
• tulle
• wire
• Saran wrap
• dried wet wipe
• Elmer’s glue
• fake hair extensions
• cardboard
• pompoms of different sizes and colors
• slime
• plastic box
• printed image of a mask
• rhinestones
• plastic box from ball powder
• glittery foam paper
• toothpicks
• straw
• beads
• big rhinestone
• coffee stirrer
• gold cord

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