Calculated Timeline For The New Red Dead Online Summer Update

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Since January, I've been uploading videos telling you exactly what's going to happen with future RDR2 content building up to Outlaw Pass 5, so far all these videos have been accurate but now that OP5 has been released, it's time for me to put out another calculated timeline for the Red Dead Online Summer Update

Calculated Timeline For Red Dead Online Summer Update 2021

For the longest time, I've been saying there will only be 2 major updates per year, I got a lot of hate for saying this but here we are in April and there still hasn't been a RDR2 Online Update for 2021 and there won't be until June, July or August. This RDO update timeline is not me just throwing random months from out of nowhere, it is calculated based on previous RDR2 Update patterns, Rockstar Games interviews and industry knowledge. I know everyone wants a Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Update sooner rather than later, I do as well but it makes no logical sense for Rockstar to release content when there's already active content in the background, this is telegram missions and Outlaw Pass 5, as soon as this al finishes we will get the new Red Dead Online DLC, which is the red dead online summer update 2021.

In addition to having a calculated timeline for the red dead online 2021 update, I will also cover some of the leaks that have been shared with the community, this includes the trader enhancement and properties. Both of these leaks have been heavily talked about for the new red dead update, players are getting really hyped up but there are some things to be aware about, some changes that might affect the RDR2 DLC.

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