6.8mm NGSW UPDATE from Major Ottmar Project Officer

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The NGSW US Army Project Officer gave an update last month. The Next Generation Squad Weapon will replace the M16 and M4 weapons. There is a ton of never before seen interviews and footage that we’re going to share with you.

It looks like they’re putting this infantry rifle through the ringer with everything from obstacle courses to close combat and medical evacuation training scenarios. Each weapon is proprietary. You can’t take the steel, brass hybrid ammo from the SIG Sauer bid and shoot it from the General Dynamics rifle. The General Dynamics bullpup rifle was specially made to fire and eject the Polymer round.

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Written & Edited by: Chris Cappy

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Historically all firearms including the M16 has used entirely brass cartridges because that's where the technology has been. Advances in firearms manufacturing means the recoil of a can now be the same felt recoil as the 556 M4.

If you ask me, these weapons are being designed to take advantage of the optic in ways the M4 could not.

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